20 Up – Up or Down (Binary Options system)

20 Up – Up or Down (Binary Options system)

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20 Up – Up or Down

(this is a Binary Options trading system)

Format: Ebook (pdf)

The original website (www.20up-upordown.com) is down, so I copied here the sales letter of the author:

“Here’s what you get from the 20 Up, Up or Down trading system
* Only 1 trade daily on based on the activity of just one Forex pair
* Easy to use. The most computer illiterate person can use it to earn the same amount of money
* Short term riches and provides a long term income too. Basically, it makes you rich!
* Above all, it is simply a system which works!
What is the secret of the system?
My system is 100% original. I have tried out different Forex products and Forex robots, and even though they have helped me to where I am and to the discovery of this system, it is brand new and completely innovative. My system incorporates all that I have learnt from my experience with the Forex Market. In the last ten years in the market, I have made mistakes myself. I have learnt from them and over time, this has only helped me. However, there is no need for you to repeat my mistakes!
After essentially wasting time for 10 years, I found that only two things work. Decent Forex courses which teach you to trade properly – like the professionals, based on technical analysis. However, this requires you to spend about £5,000 on a course, takes A LOT of time to learn properly and of course is very difficult to do correctly, requiring a lot of daily analysis. That is why professional traders get paid millions. The second thing is obviously my system.
Going about my daily business, I stumbled across a pattern which seemed very intriguing. I followed it for a few weeks and my excitement and disbelief only grew. It seemed too simple and too effective to actually work. It took a little more reassurance until I started trading. Of course my bank balance did not increase as smoothly as it does now as there were a few lessons I had to learn along the way.
However, once I had settled on the rules I followed and followed them and my search for a workable system had finally ended!
Andy Mercer – Author of the 20 Up, Up or Down trading system”

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