All Index Scalper EA v10 MT5

All Index Scalper EA v10 MT5

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All Index Scalper EA v10 MT5

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Content: Expert: All Index Scalper MT5.ex5, DLL: msimg32.dll for mt5 Build 3110

Note (Important):
This product uses custom DLL “msimg32.dll” for mt5 Build 3110.
Some antivirus may block it and flag it as a virus. You need to whitelist it with Windows Defender and your antivirus.
Its a false alarm and its SAFE , this false alarm is triggered because this is a custom DLL and not verified to any publisher but need to make this product unlocked. Please only purchase if you are ok with this.

Concept of IIIII All Index Scalper IIIII EA:
Use small capital which you can risk to make as an snow ball , and try to take some pips from those Index CFD quoting . Sometimes the Drawdown is high because some pair require more margin to open so this is the only point to make Drawdown higher than 50% .
Even the account blow up , I will keep using same account and go on / Please focus on Profit made from the account. Do not think it’s high drawdown is horrible, you are seeking for profit here in , not seeking for low drawdown here
IIIII All Index Scalper IIIII which I am using on following pairs and keep upgrading
Recommended pairs : Please separate account by using different mode , one for Aggressive mode , one for Normal Mode
For Index : AUS200 , HK50 , UK100 , US30 , US500 , US2000 , USTEC  , CHINAH , JP225 , ES35
We only suggest those pairs due to trading period are longer to prevent margin hold too long from other pairs .

 Main features :

  • No Parameter to be set , we do not suggest any .set file so much , just the same as we do not judge a EA with Tester result
  • Users just need to put on those charts to start
  • Fully Dynamic on controlling risk to every different index pairs
  • Start with 200 USD   ( not each pair 200USD , the whole account only need 200 USD to run all pairs )
  • Support for Account currency : USD , EUR , HKD , AUD , CAD , GBP , SGD , JPY
  • M1
  • All brokers are good


  • Magic : Please change any of a number here to all different pairs with same one , for example , 11111 to all the pairs in the same terminal
  • Use Auto Lotsize : I suggest to use it , but for some special brokers or special users style , you can false it and change your own Fixed lot size
  • Fixed Lot Size : if Use Auto Lotsize is true , this is not important and no use
  • riskMM =  Aggressive mode , which fast get 100% and also the concept of mine , faster make 100% and not gonna scare of margin call .
  • riskMM  = NormalMode , less order but also not a low risk due to the concept of this EA .

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