Forex Hacked v2.5 EA

Forex Hacked v2.5 EA

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Content: Expert: ForexHacked 2.5.ex4 (Unlimited), Presets: scalper-9-6-high-risk.set, longterm-132-170-low-risk-T.set, longterm-132-120-med-risk-T.set, hybrid-28-17-med-risk.set, default-45-31-low-risk.set, default-45-31-high-risk-T.set, NO MANUAL.

Fully Automated Forex Robot

  • Looking for EXTRA Income?
  • No TIME to trade because of work?
  • Paying for a Hit or MISS Signal Service?
  • Looking for a Robot to automate your trades?

The Forex Hacked 2.5 EA MT4 is the ALL IN ONE Semi Automated Solution for YOU!

Why Forex Hacked 2.5 EA MT4:
MT4 Forex Hacked 2.5 EA is an expert advisor built for the Metatrader4 platform only. The goal when developing Forex Hacked 2.5 was to make it as simple as possible, meaning when you plug it in, your not going to have a hundred settings to go over and change/optimize. You will be trading right out of the gate!

Forex Hacked 2.5 is designed to help you Increase Revenues in no time at all!

Here are some key features of “Forex Hacked 2.5:

  • Easy To Use – No optimizing, no need to purchase optimized settings. You may need to change your minimum lot size depending on the type of account/broker you have, but other than that it’s completely hands-free.
  • Trade Frequency – Unlike some EA’s that may trade once or twice per day if your lucky, Forex Hacked 2.5 was built to trade, and trade often while still maintaining highly respectable profitability and reliability percentages.
  • ECN Broker Support – Do you run on an ECN MT4 broker? No problem, there is a setting you can turn on so Forex Hacked will open trades with no stop loss or take profit, and then modify the trade immediately after to bypass ECN limitations.
  • Booster Setting – All new, never before seen Booster feature that will literally multiply your profits! Think of this as an advanced, yet controllable money management system intertwined into the backbone of the Forex Hacked strategy.
  • Automatic 4/5 Digit Broker Detection – No need to multiply take profit settings by 10, the software will automatically detect whether you are running on a 4 or 5 digit broker and change the settings internally for you.
  • Stealth Mode – Hide from those pesky stop loss hunting brokers by not using a stop loss at all! Forex Hacked controls all stop losses internally and individually between each trade so you can be sure your broker won’t find you.
  • Start and Stop Hours – You have the option to choose when you want Forex Hacked to start opening trades, and when you want it to stop. By default it will trade 24hours a day.
  • Start and Stop Days – You have the ability to control what days you want it to trade. 0 = Sunday, 6 = Saturday.
  • Settings: Expert Advisor Type: Scalper Expert Advisor Must be Online 24hrs 5 Days a week.

Expert Advisor Must Use VPS Or Your PC which must remain on. Don’t buy a VPS off eBay because they’re cheap, they have a bad habit of failures! We can recommend Inexpensive Reputable companies!

EA Recommended Minimum: $500 – $1,000

Timeframe Used: H1
Recommended Timeframe: M5, H1
Leverage: 1:100 to 1:500 Broker: Recommends any ECN Broker With Low Spread.

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