FX Green Scalper

FX Green Scalper

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Expert: GreenScalper.ex4 (Unlocked)
Document: fx_greenscalper_users_manual.pdf

FX GreenScalper’s algorithm. 3 reasons you will like about it

1. GreenScalper is Multi EXCLUSIVE. All pairs and M1-M5-M15

Our new product has a unique strategy of overlaying the technologies - flat and trend signals - which is regulated depending on time sessions, market fluctuations, etc. You do not need to do anything - our product determines the current state of the market by a number of indicators.

Thus, the signals become less vulnerable to weak market fluctuations and, as the practice and numerous emulations show, WL gets higher by 10- 30% during the market uncertainty period. This is a powerful breakthrough and we are very happy to share it with you!

FX Green Scalper

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