Lazy Grid Trading

Lazy Grid Trading

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+ bonus: Forex-Symmetry.pdf


My new currency trading system:

»   Needs little money to start with, even $250 is ok

»   Trade with any brokerage platform

»   Doesn't use technical indicators or chart patterns 

»   Stops are optional but recommended

»   Teaches a hedge system to minimize draw downs

»   Has minimal losing trades 

»   Trades only the Eur/Gbp in a counter trend grid system 

»   No need to leave your PC running

»   Comes with a chart that tells you where to place your trades

»   No need to watch your trades, they are truly "Set and Forget"

»   Check your positions only three times each day, it takes about 5 minutes

»   New to the MT4 trading platform?  Don't worry, we have a recommended offshore MT4 broker with a 5 pip spread and micro mini lots

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