Wobble Technique

Wobble Technique

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Wobble Technique

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Wobble Technique

Lesson Plan

  • Wobble Intro

    Start with a short background on how the ‘wobble’ technique originated during a live trading lesson on how to enter and exit trades for maximum profit.

  • Technique VS Strategy

    Forget vague strategy talk that doesn’t lift your bottom line… See how the wobble technique can be implemented today to start elevating your profits on every trade.

  • Wobble Technique

    Learn the Wobble Technique as it was taught during its humble beginnings as a quick trading lesson AND also the more refined version which has unlocked bigger profits for hundreds of traders.

  • The Setup

    Learn when and where to deploy the Wobble Technique… because behind every successful trading technique, there is a proper setup procedure.

  • The Max Position

    It is imperative that you calculate your max position size and do NOT exceed it. Don’t worry, we explain it all here.

  • The Wobble

    Discover the three basic types of wobbling. We call them the ‘face, build, and fix…’ Also learn the nuances of each type of wobble, as dictated by the live market.

  • When Trades Go Bad

    You need to know what to do when the market just doesn’t want to give you anything. It happens to everyone! Learn to build yourself back up when trades go against you.

  • Trade Objectives

    See how to navigate through the four main wobble objectives. In order of importance… first you minimize risk, then you break even, next comes booking profit, and of course… Maximizing Returns.

  • Wobble In Action

    See the Wobble Technique applied in real-world scenarios. The real market is the ultimate classroom for beginner and veteran traders.

  • Last Call

    This technique is not limited to smaller frame time charts. Here you will learn how to apply the Wobble to longer term positions in stocks, mutual funds, real estate, etc… The only difference here is scale.

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